Honey and Herbs

Montenegro is floristically one of the most diverse areas in Europe, and globally belongs to the Mediterranean Biodiversity Hotspot. The Montenegrin mountains are home to a huge number of medicinal plant species, out of a total of 660 species identified in Montenegro, as many as 540 are in the mountainous area. That is why in the mountains, herbs are traditionally harvested and used. All folk medicine used to be herb-based, and people used to be treated only by herbs when ill. This is no longer the case today, but the habit of collecting herbs has persisted, and every family in rural, mountainous areas knows what herbs are used for what purposes, so it is used as a supplement, often as a refreshing drink, and nowadays when healthy lifestyles are increasingly popular, our herbs are getting new demand. Everyone knows that if the pasture is rich in various herbs, the honey will be of high quality and aromatic, which is why our honey is highly valued.

Products in this group:

  • Mountain honey
  • Nettle
  • Lady’s mantle
  • Yarrow
  • Saint John’s wort
  • Wild oregano

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