Welcome to the gastro-route Mountain bounty!

We will take you along the paths of taste and aroma of traditional mountain food and products, with families that still preserve old recipes that they transfer from generation to generation and who will be pleased to share with you the art of preparing these specialties. This route connects the north of Montenegro, and takes you through three fantastic national parks – Biogradska Gora, Prokletije and Durmitor. The specific biodiversity of the area and skilled hands of the rural women have given a mark to the gastronomy of the area and you will see it for yourself.

This food that you will try as well as typical mountain products from our farms will not be easily found in other parts of Montenegro. We recommend that you try it all at the place of origin, where you can see the path of a product with your own eyes – from meadow, orchard or plowland to the table. We have made the effort to select families specific by the variety of products as well as by their location, so that during your trip you will not only enjoy superb food, but also see some of the most beautiful landscapes in Montenegro. If you are a gourmet, you can take this complete route or you can combine it with another route that you intend to visit – Via Dinarica, Peaks of the Balkans, panoramic routes or any other activity in this area. Keep in mind that households are not the same as restaurants and you need to announce your arrival to them in order for the hosts to plan your stay and fit it with their other responsibilities. And if you care to try some of the traditional dishes at one of our hotels or restaurants, then you should know that a number of them have undergone training to prepare traditional dishes, and the list of these restaurants is at the end of this text.

Now let’s introduce you to our rural households, who are part of this route!