Household Kušljević

Kusljevic is another very hard working family, especially in the summer. They are farmers and cows require a lot of work in the summer as well as during winter. It is harder during summer because there are also gardens to be taken care of, grass needs to be mowed and hay has to be prepared for the winter.  There are also cows that produce much more milk during summer, so more cheese needs to be prepared. Cheese is top notch here, no wonder that Pljevlja cheese is a brand in Montenegro and one of the first products to be given a geographical indication of origin. Dusko’s wife, Milojka, is a true master of pljevaljski cheese, an energetic and hardworking woman who now heads the pljevaljski cheese producers’ association. They spend their summers in the village of Lađana, it is to them like a katun where they have a large estate and cows have a lot of space and freedom and top quality grass. That is why they are so active during summer and give a lot of milk. In addition to the cheese, Milojka is a master of various traditional dishes, feel free to let her choose the meals for you and you will not make mistake at all. Milojka knows how to sew, she thought she would be a seamstress, but she proved to be excellent in many other fields, she is certainly a great hostess.


Duško Kušljević