Household Feratović

The property of the Feratovic family is located in the village of Budovice, the place with a beautiful view of Plavsko Lake.  Sefkija, the oldest member of this household, is an agronomist by profession, hence his special attachment to agriculture. The Feratovićs are mainly engaged in fruit growing. They grow various types of fruit and trying to preserve autochthonous kinds. You will notice their dedication to work on it as you walk through the farm with Sefkija – he will stop by each species and tell you something interesting about it! And you will absorb it all, just like his students at the time he worked as a professor. Here you will also find some unusual varieties – yellow raspberries and columnar apples, strawberries that grow until late autumn! And from all this, your hostess Selvia makes jams, juices, sweets, compotes. Other family members help her, so they will be there to host you and serve you traditional dishes of this region. Without a doubt, you will enjoy the taste and ambience with a view of Plavsko Lake. You can also spend the night at Feratovic. If you are in good shape you can take a walk or bike some of the marked trails nearby.


Nisa Feratović
Budovice, Plav