Household Ćirović

Cirovic family lives in the village of Kralje which is located along the winding road from Andrijevica to Tresnjevik. This is a very picturesque area, as well as the farm of Cirovics and their “Kraljska hut”, that they built to provide tourist services. Three generations of Cirovics will welcome you here and each of them is determined to provide you with pleasant stay in the countryside. Their farm is neat and under control. If the weather is nice, they will serve you outside under the canopy that they made for their guests to truly enjoy in food and the environment. If the weather is not good, don’t worry, they have a nicely equipped space in the hut so you won’t be deprived of this experience. In any case, the table will be full of different delicacies for which the hard-working hostess Nevenka is in charge – pies, cakes, salads, homemade juices and much more from the ingredients from their farm. That is something that guests especially remember and that is why they gladly return. There are accommodation units included in the offer and if you can’t continue the trip with full stomach,  you can relax here in the “Kraljska hut”.


Nevenka Ćirović
Kralje, Andrijevica
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