Household Šekularac

Sekularac household will provide you with a slightly different experience compared to those households located in the villages. This is also a rural household, but they will welcome you a little higher, on a katun in the mountains, at the very entrance to the Biogradska gora National Park. You already know what katuns are and you know that cattle breeders stay there with cattle from spring to autumn in order to provide quality pasture for their cattle. Such is the case with the Sekularac family, they move to the Suvodo katun every year with their cattle. They produce fruits, vegetables, dairy products, honey and for the preparation of food they use ingredients that they produce themselves.  There is no doubt that the food produced at this high altitude has very good quality. Just like the medicinal and aromatic herbs and forest fruits that are abundant here and from which these hosts make juices, jams and preserved fruits. Danka will be your guide if you are interested in exploring these areas and we are sure that you will be delighted with them, because they belong to the Biogradska gora National Park for a reason. And if you want to feel a part of the atmosphere in the katun, it is best to be there when cattle returns from the pasture – then it is quite lively in the katun and you can be helpful to water the cattle, milk, prepare cheese. After that, you will feel incredible silence and the sweetest dreams, like nowhere else.


Danica Šekularac
Katun Suvodo, Berane
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