Household Šarović

You will find the Sarovic family, Vanja and her three sons near the famous Savin kuk ski center, in the village of Virak, named after the medicinal herb virak which is abundant here. So it is no wonder that this household deals with medicinal and aromatic herbs. They grow potatoes and corn and a variety of vegetables, but nothing will strengthen you like a cup of mountain, wild tea after hiking in Durmitor. Vanja cooks perfectly, all her guests say so and her biggest recommendation are her three little boys, the young but sturdy boys of Durmitor, who use to say that their mother cooks the best. One of her sons loves to play gusle. He recently learned to play it and if he is in a good mood, he might also sing some of the epic Montenegrin battles for you. This household also offers accommodation, both in the main house and in the hut for which natural wool was used as insulation, so you can choose what you like more. We know one thing, you won’t be bored here and you certainly won’t be hungry.


Vanja Šarović
Virak, Žabljak