Household Vukadinović

Vukadinovic’s farm is located quite high on the mountain, even unusually high, given how quickly they reach the center of Mojkovac. Their property is in an area called the Battlefield, a famous place where the famous Mojkovac battle took place during the First World War. It was a battle won by the Montenegrin army over a superior Austrian army, a battle in which almost every family living in this area had at least one representative. This place is important to Montenegrins. The foreigners will enjoy it because it is high and the view extends to all the mountain peaks in the area. Vukadinović family grows certified organic fruit and makes juices with no additives. If you come in August or September, you can also participate in fruit harvesting and juice making. But even if you do not come then, you will have something else to enjoy on this property – an ingle, the view, opportunities for hiking and biking, and homemade food served by your hosts, along with their ultimate juice that you will fall in love with. You can also stay with them, in a large or small log cabin, where you prefer.

Ljubo Vukadinović
Bojna njiva, Mojkovac
+38267438678 +38269376371
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