Household Guberinić

Guberinic family lives in the village of Budimlja in the winter and from May to October, the entire household moves to the Katun Mušino brdo, which is located above the famous ski center Lokve. Three generations live in this household and the priority activity of this household is the production of milk and dairy products, primarily cheese that is produced in the traditional way. In addition, the household is engaged in the production of fruits and vegetables. At Guberinics’, you will try various types of juices and jams, and you must visit them at the right time when you can take part in the preparation of winter food and other specialties. The host Darka will share some culinary secrets with you and show you how to prepare cheese. You can reach the mountain peak of Cmiljevica by a forest road and it is up to you to decide whether you want to hike or try cycling. You can stay here longer because Guberinics also offer accommodation services.


Vasilije Guberinić
Lokve, Berane
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