Household Tijanić

Tijanic family lives in the village of Skakavac, near Berane. Only recently have they started activities in providing touristic services, so newcomers, but they certainly have experience in welcoming guests, gather a large family from all sides and everyone loves to come to them. They produce everything they can on their farm, fruits and vegetables and potatoes and corn. They also have cows, so they make their own cheese. They are the first in this village to start dealing with rural tourism and that is really good  because the village of Skakavac has a lot to offer. Here you will find a recently renovated old mill that you can visit and right next to the mill is a wonderful waterfall that the village is named after. The water that makes this waterfall springs from a cave and in that zone there are three caves that our speleologists have examined and recorded. Above the village are the walls of the medieval town of Bihor, which unfortunately is not ready for tourist visits, but if you are interested in what it looks like you can visit it. And of course, near the village there is a recently renovated monastery Uroševica, interesting is that it can only be reached by foot. The hosts can keep you company and show you everything worth seeing in this attractive and picturesque village.


Radoman Tijanić
Skakavac, Berane