Household Đalović

Đalović household is located in the village Vlah, above the famous Bistrica river and the entire property faces the Đalović gorge, which hides the famous cave, the largest and most mysterious in the whole of Montenegro. Đalovićs are a traditional, warm family, hardworking people and their youngest family members have their assignments as well.  They are great students with all the highest grades in school. We think that they will be great people as well as their parents. This property is one of the most organized on this route. Not in the sense of any luxury, but one can immediately feel the effort and time put into making everything in place and every corner to be designed and maintained. They grow everything, literally anything that can be grown in Montenegro. They buy oil, flour, sugar and coffee, and they make everything else themselves. And when you see this village, it will be clear to you that everything produced here is of high quality, clean and unpolluted, and that it is a real privilege to live in a household that could easily be cut off from the world without even noticing. Đalovićs are great hosts, they know the history of this area and their family, so they will share with you beautiful stories that will bring you closer to the culture and tradition of this place. And when it comes to food, we don’t even know what to recommend because everything we tried was great. It was not only good quality of the food, but the smiling faces who serve that food and simply an atmosphere in this family. You will be happy to share at least one day with them.


Milomir Đalović
Vlah, Bijelo Polje