Household Božović (Kuljapić Stream)

Bozovic family lives in the village of Glavaca, and during the summer they stay at the Plavac katun on Bjelasica. Here you will get familiar with the most authentic mountainous regions of Montenegro, in terms of architecture, customs and way of life. Although everything looks simple and easy, it leaves a strong impression on visitors because nowhere else can you get such an experience. You will be hosted by Vesna and four children. Their main activity is cattle breeding and they produce cheese of exceptional quality! Radan, Vesna’s oldest son, a final year student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who uses all his free time to visit his family and help with many jobs in the countryside, will be happy to tell you about the method of cheese production and cattle breeding in this area in general. When you come to Bozovic house, you will see how hardworking they are, there is always something to do on their farm and everyone is engaged. In addition to milk processing, Vesna is also good at processing fruits and vegetables. You will have the opportunity to try different types of jams, juices made from forest fruits that are abundant here or from fruits that they grow on a farm in the village. And the guests also like various salads and pickles that they prepare according to old recipes, from vegetables from their garden. If you are willing, you can spend the night in the village at Bozovics’, because in addition to food tasting, they also offer accommodation services.


Radan Božović
Katun Kuljačića Potok, Berane
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