Household Popović

Popovic family is spending their summers on their property in the village of Hoćevina, on the slopes of mountain Ljubišnja. It is the famous mountain in Pljevlja and even though it is still undiscovered to many Montenegrins, people of Pljevlja are fascinated by its beauty. That is why we strongly recommend that you visit this household. From here you can easily explore Ljubišnja and the canyon of the river Tara and Durmitor is not far away. Popovic family will greet you well – with rakija which Blazo will take care of, and his wife will enchant you with culinary skills and kindness. In Hoćevina they have plowland and greenhouses and almost everything they use in the kitchen is made by themselves, except for the dairy products but they buy that from their neighbors. If Blazo is in the mood, he will show you that he is also a great cook, though his specialty is cooking outside – sač, talandara and cauldron. No wonder, because Blazo is a true adventurer, he has been everywhere – either hiking or by 4wd, and he has learned to cope nicely in the wilderness and without the benefits of civilization. He will also be a good guide if you want to explore the environment. Popovic family offers accommodation, so you can stay there for a few days and you won’t be bored.


Blažo Popović
Hoćevina, Pljevlja
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