Household Adrović

Adrovic family is one of the few young families who decided to tie their lives to the village. And they did not regret! They are engaged in cattle breeding and Almir decided to deal with processing in the traditional way, so in this household you will be able to try beef prosciutto and sheep stelja (cured meat of sheep), prepared as they have been prepared in this area for centuries. The fact that both prosciutto and stelja received a geographical indication of origin and were included in national quality schemes speaks volumes about the quality of these products, and Almir actively participated in that process and is the head of the association that brings together related producers. The Adrovics live in the village of Bor, with their four children and they are all active on the farm. As on every farm in the countryside, they are not engaged in just one agricultural activity, but they grow everything they can for their own needs and for the needs of their guests. Almir’s wife Ajsela is an excellent cook, so she will prepare various traditional dishes from their products, either vegetarian or meat, there will be something for everyone. From here you can explore the Bihor zone, by foot or by bike, and if you are staying at the Ajdarpasic household, you can take a trip to Adrovics’ and come for lunch or dinner.


Almir Adrović
Bor, Petnjica
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