Household Bućković

Buckovic family usually lives in the village of Dapsice near Berane. They are one of the few families in that village who still keep the tradition of going to the katun, so they spend every summer in Cmiljevica, in the katun Mokri Do, where all Dapsice residents used to move during summer, as customary law and the tradition of this region. Katun tourism is a real rarity and Marica and her husband are among the first families as pioneers in this sector, to give example to others. You will not find any luxury here, everything is old-fashioned, simple and easy, because that is how the conditions and the tradition dictate. Katuns are a real gem of Montenegro and it would be a great pity not to visit them. The food on the katun is special – all homemade products, simple meals, but full of taste and beauty. You will enjoy warm, homemade bread or pies, with high quality mountain cheese and cream, and you will not need anything more. Although Marica will make sure that your table is not so simple – we have tried and we know! With the Buckovic family, you are in an ideal place to explore Cmiljevica, a mountain located right between Hajla and Mokra. You are on the Katun road, you can explore it by bike or on foot. Marica and her husband can help you find a horse, so you can also ride.


Marica Bućković
Katun Mokri Do, Berane