Household Pešić

Pesic family lives in Tomasevo and they are one of the few examples of a family who moved from the city to the village and started agricultural activity from scratch. They have the cattle as well, about forty of them that must be worked on every day. Everything on the property is subordinated to livestock, because that’s the way it should be, that’s why you’ll come across mud, fertilizer, and hay – because that’s how a 40-cows property looks like. There is so much cattle to look out for, but it is not difficult for Pesici because there is a total of 13 members of the family, nine of them are children and they are a real manpower. Milijanka will seem small and weak, but you will quickly see that it is not true. A hardworking and smiling woman who literally handles everything and never complains because she seems completely happy with her family, her job and her life. You will feel some of that happiness in her dishes, and she is a true master in the kitchen. She is one of those women who make a feast easily, that you don’t even notice when she did it. Their specialty is vraneski cheese, and rolled cheese filled with sour cream. That cheese has been requested from many sides and she can never make enough of it. They also have bees and honey, experts say it’s great. They do not have accommodation yet, but have plans to make it as part of their offer in the future. They are located near Novakovic Cave on the old road from Bijelo Polje to Pljevlja, on a panoramic route and it is a great spot for lunch or tasting products.


Vučko Pešić
Tomaševo, Bijelo Polje
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