Household Bojović

Bojovic family lives in the village of Grncar, not far from border crossing between Montenegro and Albania. But don’t think the place is crowded and full of traffic, nothing will disturb “peace and quite“ of this place. The environment attracts with its beauty and there is no doubt about it because this place is surrounded by wreaths of stunning Prokletije, and from the Bojović estate there is a view of the river Grnčar. Its watercourse drops during the summer months, so it can sometimes be crossed to the other side of its coast. That is where you can findlarge productive land cultivated by Bojovic family – they are big farmers and there can be found endless plantations of carrots, cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables. They are also growing fruit, mostly raspberries, from which they prepare juice, raspberry preserve and jam. Your hostess Tanja is skilled in preparing traditional dishes of this region and after salty gourmets, we suggest you to try carrot preserve! You won’t find it anywhere else, so don’t miss this opportunity. In addition to food, this household also offers accommodation services, so you can stay here and explore the entire area of ​​Gusinje and Prokletije. Border with Albania is only half a kilometer away, so if you want to explore the Albanian Prokletije, you are in the best place.


Tanja Bojović
Grnčar, Gusinje