Household Vuković

The Vukovic family lives in the village of Stitarica, which is located near the Kolasin-Mojkovac highway, hidden behind the rocks so you cannot notice that there is anything behind it. And there is this beautiful village, in the valley of the Shtitaricka river, just below the slopes of Sinjajevina. Vesa and her husband, like most families in rural areas, grow most of their food. In addition, they often spend time on the mountain, on a katun and there Vesa picks herbs and mushrooms that she is famous for in the village because where no one will find a mushroom, Vesa will. She also prepares them very well, which is not common in this area. It is very rare for anyone here to use mushrooms in the kitchen at all. Therefore, if you want to eat perfectly prepared porcini mushroom or chanterelle, get on your feet and go to Vukovics. If you are a good guest, maybe Vesa will tell you a secret on how she always finds mushrooms! If you don’t like mushrooms, don’t worry, Vesa cooks everything and is a great hostess, no one will go hungry out of her house.


Vesa Vuković
Donja Štitarica, Mojkovac