Household Božović (Serene Heaven)

You might be familiar that the slopes of the mountain Bjelasica are extremely rich in medicinal herbs and forest fruits, so in the village of Glavaca you will find the Bozovic family who has been collecting and processing medicinal herbs for many years. They also grow fruits and vegetables, but nothing will invigorate you after a walk and a tour of the Bjelasica lakes like a cup of mountain tea. And not only will you enjoy these specific aromas, but Nada and Jelena will reveal many secrets of medicinal herbs to you. These herbs have been used in our region for centuries to treat various illnesses when modern medicine was not even in its early years. Bozovics have preserved that heritage and they know exactly to tell you which plant was once used for which disease. It will be a pleasure for you to walk with them on the nearby meadows and pick thyme, St. John’s wort, “vranilova” grass, nettles.

Nada cooks very good. Their guests told us that she is a true master of preparing traditional dishes. If by any chance you are interested in how wool was spun a long time ago, Nada will show you on a spinning machine. This household also offers accommodation. We are sure that you will find your peace in this place, because it is not called “Peaceful Harbor” for no reason.


Milun Božović
Glavaca, Berane
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