Household Stevović

Stevovic family traveled the world and for one period of time they lived in Italy where Zoran worked as the main chef at the Embassy of former Yugoslavia, serving diplomats and important guests from around the world. But his wish was to return to his origin in Zabljak and to settle there with his family, on the land of his ancestors. So he did it.  Now you can enjoy his and his wife’s specialties, and you don’t have to be a diplomat! Stevovic family makes all kinds of cheeses, adding aromatic herbs to it, constantly looking for the best recipe. You won’t find so many types of cheeses elsewhere, so if you’re a cheese lover, don’t miss visiting this household! The kitchen here is traditional but since Zoran is a professional chef, and his wife is not worse in cooking than him, they can prepare any meal that comes to your mind. Zoran especially likes to cook outside in a cauldron, directly over the fire. They also offer accommodation, which, after their meals will surely come in handy. So you can get rest and start all over again next morning!


Zoran Stevović
Tmajevci, Žabljak
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