Household Redžematović

The Redzematovic family lives in Plav, but during spring time, they move their cattle to the Bajrović katun, where they stay until late autumn. The road to Katun is mainly good and it can be reached relatively quickly from Plav. Although, you certainly wouldn’t mind if the ride takes longer because the areas you will pass through on the way to the katun are really fabulous, just like the katun itself and Lake Hridsko, which is located 3 km from the katun. You can go to Redžematović family just to taste tasting traditional dishes, but this location is also convenient for those who cross the trail “Peaks of the Balkans” or ride a bike, so they can get accommodation and food.

Your hostess is Ermina, a hardworking woman with a cheerful spirit. There is always work to be done in the katun – you have to deal with the cattle, make cheese, work in the garden, and much more, but with Ermina you will never notice fatigue, she just enjoys what she does. She enjoys preparing food for his guests, as well.  Everything is delicious and it is not surprising because the dishes are prepared from the quality ingredients they produce on their farm and as a kind of special spices there are fresh mountain air and the ambience in which you taste the food.

Their guests enjoy collecting herbs, mushrooms and other forest fruits that grow near the farm. There are plenty of Blueberries, so if you are at Redžematovics at the right time and pick blueberries, Ermina will be pleased to prepare a cake from those blueberries. And not only a cake, but also an “akšijaš”! We will not reveal to you which dish it is, we will leave it to you.


Ermina Redžematović
Katun Bajrovića, Plav
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