Household Jokić

You will find Jokic family in the katun on Čakor. They live on Murina and in the spring they move up to the katun with their cattle and stay there until the fall. Jokići are great farmers and their primary activity is cattle breeding. This requires a lot of work, especially when there are a lot of cattle as is the case of Jokics, but these people have great strength and manage to finish everything on time. Maybe life taught them that. Your hostess is Gordana and she will make sure you try the dishes that are typical for this area and many mountain specialties such as “jardum” – drink prepared of sheep milk. But be careful because, as they say, “the “jardum” is not for those with sensitive stomach. The taste of potatoes that grow at this altitude, but also other vegetables that Gordana grows in the garden in the katun is perfect. Even in combination with homemade cheese – a complete hit! Blueberries grow here – there are plenty of them nearby. Gordana uses every free moment to go to the collect them, so if you meet Jokics during blueberry season, you can keep her company. She prepares blueberry juice which tastes great! It seems to us that we have tasted such juice only here. Maybe it’s up to the blueberries? Or to the recipe? Find out by yourself.


Gordana Jokić
Vujov katun Čakor, Plav