From the mountains with love!

We are proud to present to you the range of products traditionally produced on the Montenegrin mountains! Typical mountain products are special for several reasons. First, because the very nature and biodiversity of these areas have defined this list, we harvest, grow and process what we can at high altitudes. And our ancestors have established a way of processing these products, which has been passed down from generation to generation to the present day, and has been preserved in our rural families. That is why in the pallete of our products you will find a mixture of the natural and cultural heritage of the Montenegrin mountains, as the products we present to you are made on small, family farms, in the traditional way, as they have always been prepared in these parts.

So don’t be surprised if, for example, jam from one manufacturer is different, if compared to another household. This is because the plums that grew in the Moraca mountains are different from the ones beneath Komovi mountain. And maybe the hands that made the jam added some special ingredient with the intention of making that jam different and unique, and that ingredient was determined and introduced by one of our grandmothers. These differences are a real fortune of our mountainous regions and our hardworking people, so don’t compare our products to industrial ones that are always the same and uniform. Our advantage is precisely this diversity and we are proud of it.

Until now, you could only try these products if you came to one of the family farms because they were not available in the domestic market. This is because the quantities of our products are small, but also because our farms are small and have not been adequately registered so far, and since the products were not intended for the market, not all the procedures prescribed by the law on food safety have been implemented. Now they are, and 75 products typical of our mountains at this moment have the complete documentation required by law. We hope that our network will continue to grow and that other family farms will join us, and in the meantime, with the quantities available, we will first offer our products to the hotel industry. The reason for that is following – we want our products to be available to our guests from outside, who may not be able to get to know the whole of Montenegro, so they will be able to get to know our mountains through our products. In doing so, we will also contribute to a better and more diverse tourism of our country.

We thank you for your purchase, and we thank our partners who have technically and financially supported and enabled this activity of ours, and you will see who they are at the end of the page.

Enjoy our products, which we have been lovingly and carefully prepared, to be part of our Mountain Bounty. And rest assured that by buying our product you directly supported a family to stay and create in one of the rural, mountainous regions of Montenegro, which are not the easiest places to live in, even though they are breathtakingly beautiful.