The winters are long in the mountains, there is a lot of snow, and there is nothing to pick or harvest until spring. That is why our families have always looked to process as many products made of fruits and vegetables as possible, and to preserve them for the winter. From both cultivated and wild fruits various  jams were prepared, but these jams raraly lasted until spring, because they were used both as part of the meal, but also for cakes preparation, and children often ate them as candy, in the absence of other sweets! We offer you some of the most characteristic jams from our area, prepared according to the traditional recipes.

Products in this group:

  • Traditional plum jam
  • Rosehip jam
  • Cornelian cherry jam
  • Apple and plum jam
  • Raspberry jam

If you are a representative of a hotel or restaurant and you would like to include some of our products into your offer, please contact us at gorskatrpeza@gmail.com . We will then direct you to create an account on the web page pijaca.seljak.me from where you can easily order our products.