Dairy Products

Key agricultural activity in Montenegrin mountains has always been farming. Untouched meadows, plenty of various plants, high altitudes and traditional production all make dairy products in our area of exceptional quality. It is no wonder that among the dairy products are the highest geographical indications of quality. It is also a treasure that certain recipes for making cheese in the traditional way are being kept in different places, and everyone in Montenegro will tell you that the best cheeses come from katun, no matter which recipe is applied. That is why we have selected several types of cheese from different parts of the mountain region, and you decide for yourself which is best.

Products in this group:

  • Cheese from Durmitor
  • Cream from Durmitor
  • Homemade white cheese
  • Cheese from Pljevlja
  • Foliated cheese from Kolasin
  • Foliated cheese from Vranes valley
  • Rolled cheese from Vranes valley

If you are a representative of a hotel or restaurant and you would like to include some of our products into your offer, please contact us at gorskatrpeza@gmail.com . We will then direct you to create an account on the web page pijaca.seljak.me from where you can easily order our products.