Household Pavićević

The Pavicevic family will surely knock you off your feet. You will witness there what the true and hard work means – whether it is out on the fields where they grow almost everything, including certified organic grain and as many as 11 organic products or raising livestock – this family has cows and produces cheese and kajmak. Their hard work does not mean that you will not be greeted with a smile – they are always happy to meet their guest and you will see it for yourself. Vera cooks like every true woman from the mountain – plentiful and traditional home-cooked meals and she will constantly offer more! Once, she even managed to prepare kacamak for 100 person. She handles everything on time and is always cheerful and smiling. Make sure that you try her  “a meter” cheese, a specialty from Durmitor that almost no one else prepares anymore. And one more thing – they will serve you a meal in the meadow with a direct view on Durmitor and if that does not open your appetite than nothing will.


Zoran Pavićević
Kovčica, Žabljak