Household Hadžić

Ten kilometers from the main road that goes through Rožaje is the distance you need to cross to reach the Hadzic household – a place called Sastanci in the Grahovaca. Don’t let these ten kilometers be too far for you, because they are not. You will regret it if you don’t come. This is a fairytale farm, beautifully decorated where you will find three generations of Hadzics. Each of them has own role and obligations in this farm, but you might be most interested in the activities that are the duty of the oldest one among zour hosts – Elmaza! While talking to you, she has already prepared a pie, you don’t know when and how, but preparing traditional dishes is her daily obligation, and when she cooks it all seems so easy, even though  it’s not easy and it’s hard to reproduce. Cheerful and always smiling, she will greet you nicely and her son and daughter-in-law and daughter will help her, because everyone is involved in welcoming guests. The ambience is beautiful. You are far from all the hustle and bustle and the opportunities for walking are numerous. You can also sleep near Hadzics, so we warmly recommend this household as a base from where you can explore Rozaje.


Ermin Hadžić
Grahovača, Rožaje
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