Household Ćirović

Ćirović family lives in the village of Odžak, near Pljevlja, the northernmost town in Montenegro. Their property is large and picturesque. They are seriously into agriculture and they are producing almost everything. What is specific about this family is that even though they are very busy with various agricultural activities, their property is neat and in order.  A special charm to the property gives the old, traditional mill in which one part still grinds flour in an old fashioned way – on stone, and another part is arranged to welcome guests. You will rarely have the opportunity to eat a meal made of freshly ground grain, and when you try it you will realize the difference. The stream goes through the whole property, so ducks have settled in it. It often happens that ducks and cows are in conflict, because both perceive this as their own territory. However, there is a real democracy in this household and everyone has its own corner, everyone has a place to be and everyone is comfortable – the hosts are taking care of that.


Slobodan Ćirović
Odžak, Pljevlja