Household Ćatović

Ćatović family is located in the village of Kukulje, and the road to the village is a little complicated, so we recommend that you follow the map. You will not regret it when you arrive, we guarantee it. You will find yourself at the top of a hill, from where you can view the entire Lim valley like it is on your palm, and across the road you will see the Pester plateau. The Ćatović estate itself is again something you will not regret visiting and having climbed that high. They grow almost everything. There are several buildings on their property, some traditional, some more recent, but all nicely blended into one colorful unit where each corner has its own purpose. Suad is a good craftsman, he does all the work himself and Safeta on the other hand is a great host. No wonder she is famous at the market in Bijelo Polje – everyone knows her and everyone is happy to buy her products. She learned to cook very old dishes from older women in the family, so there you can eat food that is rarely found elsewhere. We recommend you to try – potoplika, buckwheat pie, pumpkin soup, juices, preserved fruits and jams. They also offer accommodation.


Suad Ćatović
Kukulje, Bijelo Polje