Household Babović

Babovic family lives in the picturesque village of Konjuhe, which, like many other villages near Andrijevica, fascinates with its beauty. The Babovics are engaged in agricultural production and they produce almost all kinds of food on their farm. They produce certified organic fruit and the whole family is involved in activities on the farm. While you settle down and drink a glass of home-made rakija (you already know, it is a welcoming way in this area, and it is not refused), your hostess Ivana will, bring out the porridge. It will be prepared from corn they grow on the farm, milled in traditional way in a village  mills (and they can take you to the mill to see what we are talking about). Ivana is a master of many dishes, she is just very good at it. She is also very good at preparation of pie layers, that requires some special skill. She uses wild spinach (green dock leaves) for the pie filling in combination with homemade cheese, then the quality is guaranteed. This area is rich in forest fruits and medicinal herbs, so Ivana does not miss a single season with her children, who are supporting her in everyday work, not to go to the meadows below Komovi and collect a lot of blueberries, blackberries, edelberry, cornelian berry and various kinds of teas that grow here. The nature gave all of it by itself and that is the healthiest!


Ivana Babović
Konjuhe, Andrijevica
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