Household Tomović

Tomovic family lives in the village of Podbisce, in Mojkovac, below the Kolasin-Mojkovac highway. They are lower in a valley where you will neither see nor hear the highway. They have a large estate and they grow almost everything – fruits, vegetables, corn, and they also have cows and make their own cheese. The whole family is engaged in the household, they are serious farmers and they make most of their family’s income this way. The production capacity is higher than the average farm in this area. Boris, his wife and their four daughters will be perfect hosts. Not only do they prepare good food, but you will recognize what a real, hectic farm looks like, where everyone has a duty, where no one is late because they must not be late, where everything is subordinated to agriculture and its cycles. Here, we recommend that you try some torshi that is prepared in this household, whether it’s sour vegetable or fruits and their juices, jams and preserved fruits. Their property is on the flat land, they will serve you in the garden, so you will enjoy both – the food and the view.


Boris Tomović
Podbišće, Mojkovac